Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising, also know as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), includes Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. PPC is a form of Internet advertising meant to direct traffic to an advertiser’s website. When a searcher enters a term into the search engine that is related to the advertiser’s campaign, an ad will appear to entice the searcher to choose the advertiser’s site. The advertiser only gets charged if the searcher actually clicks on the ad: hence, the term – Pay Per Click.


This is a very beneficial and cost-effective form of advertising. With some research and planning, a campaign can increase sales and awareness of your website within a few weeks. Even when an ad isn’t clicked on, it is still shown to the user creating brand awareness. This is a no-cost benefit to a PPC campaign.


At W3PR, Inc. we are well versed in PPC advertising. Our account managers have successfully completed Google training and we are proud to be official Google Certified Partners. This is an on-going accreditation that requires continual renewal of these certifications. Rest assured, our staff will always know the most up-to-date procedures and processes associated with Google Advertising.


Although Google is the largest search engine that offers PPC opportunities, it is by no means the only one. W3PR, Inc. also supports PPC advertising at Facebook, Bing/Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Bring customers to your online store to buy your goods & services!

Bring customers to your online store to buy your goods & services!