Expert SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimize your website to stand out from the crowd!
Optimize your website to stand out from the crowd!

SEO (search engine optimization) is defined by Wikipedia as:


“ … the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results – often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of W3PR’s core competencies; it’s what our company was founded on, and is one of our key strengths to this day.


There are many ways to increase your website’s visibility in the search engines and our experts at W3PR take a holistic approach to doing that very thing – and we do it very well.


We follow five basic steps, outlined below, to achieve excellence for your site in the search engines.

1. Assessment & Strategy
We'll make sure your SEO Roadmap is clear!

The very first step we take is to assess your current search engine visibility and perform a technical audit of your website to see where improvements are needed so that your website is easily crawl-able by the search engines and easily accessed by humans. We take all of this information and formulate a strategy that includes the actions listed below.

2. Technical SEO
Technical SEO requires the right tools & talent. Fortunately, we're much smarter than the proverbial box of hammers!

As a result of the technical audit mentioned in Assessment & Strategy, we will have a clear idea on what needs to be improved from a technical standpoint. We make sure your website is clear of technical errors, page load speeds are optimal, schema markup is used correctly, xml sitemaps are implemented, site architecture is effective, Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) and Google Analytics are integrated correctly, and redirects are used effectively – but this is just the tip of the iceberg. We check for over 70 items for optimal performance and work with you to fix them.

3. Onpage & Content SEO
Well-organized and optimized content make it easy for the search engines to find your pages, and your customers to find you!

A crucial piece of SEO is the optimization of content on your website itself. To do this, we use numerous tools, coupled with effective methodologies, to identify how your target users are searching for the information and services that you provide. We don’t just pull a list of keywords and search queries – we analyze the intent of the searcher, in addition to, the competition level of the keywords discovered. We then optimize the content on your website to include keyword targets in numerous areas like: title tags, meta descriptions, internal linking, image optimization, header tags, and more. All with the goal of making it easier for your target users to find your website and identify that the information and services you provide are relevant to them.

4. Content Strategy + Creation
Good SEO includes nurturing and growing your content!

In addition to optimizing your existing content, our capabilities include the creation of ongoing content as well. The search engine gods love it when websites add new, quality, and informative content on a regular basis. We get it, you may not have the time to create all of this content on your own – that is where we can pick up the slack. We will look at the content your competitors are creating to identify opportunities to improve your content AND provide better content than what your competitors offer. We will work with you to create an editorial calendar with topics that target your ideal customers/clients. We will then create this content, optimize it for SEO, and work to syndicate it across the web to make sure it is seen. If you create the content yourself, we still are involved by providing content recommendations and optimizing the content you create for SEO.

5. Performance Measurement
How does your site stack up? Knowing what to measure is half the battle!

Why do all of this if you have no idea if it is working or not? Good question! This is why we look at numerous Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to gauge the success of our SEO efforts. Years ago, it was all about the number of backlinks and the rank of specific keywords – but the landscape has changed drastically. Now, it is extremely important to track how users interact with your website (average time on the website, how many pages are visited, what pages are visited, goal conversions, how users arrive on your website, and more) and your overall search visibility. We use numerous tools to track all of this and provide you with a monthly performance report that we use to continue to build on our ongoing organic strategy.

6. Reporting
Get the feedback and site performance information that yields actionable intelligence!

Reporting is important because:


  • It helps you find trends that allow you to tweak campaigns
  • It helps gauge the impact your marketing efforts are having
  • It helps you to identify opportunities for new courses of action to take
  • It helps you to learn more about your audience
  • It helps you prioritize your efforts
  • And much more.


Without reporting, you have no idea if the work you are doing to market your business is working or not.


W3PR takes reporting very seriously (but with a level of seriousness that comes with rainbows and cherries on top to keep it fun). There are no one size fits all performance reports. We work with all of our clients to identify the data and KPIs that are important to your business and its success. What is important to you, may not necessarily be important to another business.