About Us


W3PR is a professional Internet Marketing and Advertising agency, helping our clients reach their audiences online. We create customized Internet marketing campaigns to precisely meet each client’s goals, as we have since 1995. We have been the lead agency for many of our clients, yet we also work successfully when teamed with other agencies for large projects. We’re successful leaders and good team players.


The custom aspect of everything we do cannot be overemphasized: we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach with anything we do for any of our clients. All activities we perform are tailored precisely to your particular needs, and is continually examined and adjusted during the course of our engagement. We start by listening, asking questions, building trust and we don’t stop as long as we’re working for you, to ensure that we understanding all the issues you face and what your online goals are.


Why Our Experience Is Important To You


When you hire W3PR, you’re hiring a Professional Internet Marketing Firm with a long-standing reputation for excellence and high integrity. We’ve learned through the years that the best relationships we build are based on three important principles:


  • Understanding – We understand that the Internet portion of every client’s business is a key component to the success of their organization’s overall business objectives. For many of our clients, their Web site is their entire business, and we treat it as seriously as they do.


  • Dedication – W3PR’s Account Teams are dedicated to obtaining superior campaign results for our clients.


  • Accountability – As a professional services firm we are accountable to our clients for setting and meeting client expectations.


We believe in good communication, kept promises and results delivered. Internet Marketing is our only business and we know how to make Internet Marketing perform for you.